FORCO is often times a last resort product for horse owners. We would not be in business today if our product did not work. Here are real stories from our customers.

“Bonita, a 10 yr old pregnant mare. Before and after only 1 month exactly on FORCO! Your product is fabulous!”

– Octavio Martinez, TX

“My name is Renee Rowles, and my horse Dudes a Royal Star is an extremely hard keeper. I have had a super hard time putting weight on him and keeping it on. I have tried and endless amount of supplements and feeds to build him up and nothing really made me satisfied.

I was introduced to Forco and wasn’t going to be impressed until I saw the results. After 3 weeks on Forco I saw a huge difference already! My horse Dude had filled out in the places I was aiming for and started to pack on more muscle. He has now been on Forco for a few months now and I’m still extremely pleased with the results that I have been searching for for so long, and it’s super easy to feed! Thanks Forco!”

 – Renee Rowles

“On behalf of the Colorado Horse Rescue, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to David Frank, President of Forco LLC, for introducing us to Forco Feed Supplement. Some of the horses we receive are perfectly healthy, a large portion are severely debilitated upon arrival.

We conducted a study tracing weights of 5 different horses on a weekly basis for two months. All the horses had gained weight and had improved body conditions. Using this fabulous product has allowed us to maintain optimum health and nutrition for all of our horses. Results can be noticed almost immediately. Our horses gain weight quickly and develop shiny healthy coats.

During our first year with Forco we have only had one instance of colic. This is an incredible statistic, considering we have an average of forty horses on our farm, some with extreme medical conditions. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Forco and Forco Feed Supplement.”

-Rachel Tanguy, Executive Director of Colorado Horse Rescue

“Just wanted to share my experience! My mare was having a hard time bouncing back from nursing her filly. While she had gained some weight back, she was just not filling out like I wanted her to. Enter Forco! This is the difference being on Forco for only 6 weeks. And, in the winter! When she shed out she was so shiny. I’ve never seen a grey horse shine like she does. I suggest Forco to everyone who asks!
I keep her filly on Forco too, it really helped her transition during weaning. She never got that big ugly belly that foals usually get. She’s always looked great so I don’t have before and after pictures of her but I give Forco the credit!”
– Adrielle Elsbree

“Trax has had awesome results being on FORCO. He will never go without it. We have been trying with no long term results to get weight on him. Shots to help his appetite, different weight supplements, different feed etc etc. nothing worked for long or didn’t work at all. Ever since being FORCO he loves his food and evendrinks better now. He is nervous by nature but has become less nervous. He also was colicing pretty regular since the beginning of the year…he has not coliced once since starting FORCO. He had a tendency to abscess every so often and his last abscess was almost a week after being on FORCO. All of mine are now on this amazing supplement. The bottom picture is before he went to the trainer for 30 days. He actually managed to keep his weight up while gone. Never went off feed or water like he has done previously when put in a new environment”

 – Melisa C.