Feed Supplement Family

FORCO LLC is located on the eastern plains of Colorado near the town of Flagler where it first got its start 31 years ago in 1982. FORCO is a family business owned by David & Lynette Frank.

FORCO initially started in the hay business making a product that would help prevent mold and heating in higher moisture baled hay. Interestingly the name FORCO is derived from the initial hay product of forage (FOR) conditioner (CO). The hay product was a bit different than what the FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier is today though the concept is the same to improve feed.


At the same time David and Lynette were producing the FORCO hay product they owned and operated a race horse training stable for Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse race horses. In 1984 they started researching and studying the use of the ingredients in the hay product for use in a digestive supplement for horses.

An in-house product was later developed from this research and used on the horses in the training center. The changes and results in the race horses were remarkable! In 1986 FORCO Feed Supplement was introduced into the horse market.

FORCO’s product marketing has always been about result-driven products with appreciative customers versus elaborate advertising and flashy promotions. The business has been built by customers using the product, observing changes in the horses, being impressed with the results and ultimately spreading the word about FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier.

“Our FORCO products are often the product of last resort. Usually they have tried everything else and all of a sudden their horse gets better after using FORCO. A lot of horse owners don’t understand that nutrition comes in two parts. The first part is what you feed in the trough. The second part is all about gut health. We stay away from using vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. We suggest everyone keep feeding their horse their normal rations, but add in FORCO. It doesn’t throw anything out of balance and almost always leads to a healthier horse. You feed your horse. We’ll feed his digestive system.” – Dave, Founder

FORCO is proud to provide the best product in the industry!