The digestive system is at the heart of most major problems in a horse such as colic, diarrhea, compaction, founder, poor doers, poor appetite and weight loss.  FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier is a source of nutrients. This source feeds and nurtures the entire scope of bacterial and microbial populations in the full spectrum of the digestive system.

The FORCO formula helps to bring a horse’s digestive system to full performance.  Hay, grain, vitamins, and mineral supplements can now be broken down into a form that can be absorbed into the blood stream of the horse, thus, providing maximum nutrition to every microscopic cell in the horse.  FORCO formula assists in producing maximum digestion for maximum nutrition!


From hoof to mane, FORCO is the perfect solution for the total health of your animal.


FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier


FORCO Bull Builder

Happy FORCO Customers

We continue to receive feedback describing just how important, beneficial and result-driven our feed products are with equine and bull digestive situations. Our products do make a difference in the health of your horses, bulls and even smaller animals!


“Trax has had awesome results being on FORCO. He will never go without it. We have been trying with no long term results to get weight on him. Shots to help his appetite, different weight supplements, different feed etc etc. nothing worked for long or didn’t work at all. Ever since being FORCO he loves his food and evendrinks better now. He is nervous by nature but has become less nervous. He also was colicing pretty regular since the beginning of the year…he has not coliced once since starting FORCO. He had a tendency to abscess every so often and his last abscess was almost a week after being on FORCO. All of mine are now on this amazing supplement. The bottom picture is before he went to the trainer for 30 days. He actually managed to keep his weight up while gone. Never went off feed or water like he has done previously when put in a new environment “

-Melisa Amber Catron


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