What Our Customers Say About Our FORCO Products

These are some of our happy and supportive customers who were kind enough to leave their success testimonials. If you'd like to add a testimonial, please use the link above.

Blake Tidwell, son of Christine Tidwell, participated in the youth events at the Salinas PRCA Rodeo. Thank you Forco! Our horses will not go without it!


Blake Tidwell, CA
27 July 2017

My name is Renee Rowles, and my horse Dudes a Royal Star is an extremely hard keeper. I have had a super hard time putting weight on him and keeping it on. I have tried and endless amount of supplements and feeds to build him up and nothing really made me satisfied.

I was introduced to Forco and wasn't going to be impressed until I saw the results. After 3 weeks on Forco I saw a huge difference already! My horse Dude had filled out in the places I was aiming for and started to pack on more muscle. He has now been on Forco for a few months now and I'm still extremely pleased with the results that I have been searching for for so long, and it's super easy to feed! Thanks Forco!




Renee Rowles, CA
09 July 2017

I just wanted to reach out to the FORCO team and give a big thanks to Ashley Hagens for turning me onto such a great product. I absolutely love the results I have seen in all my horses and I will continue to spread the word of such a great supplement. I recommend every horse be on it, whether pasture pet or a competitor.

Thank you,

Christine Tidwell

Hollister, CA

Christine Tidwell 
Christine Tidwell, CA
22 May 2017

Bonita, a 10 yr old pregnant mare.  Before and after only 1 month exactly on FORCO!  Your product is fabulous!


BEFORE: March 10, 2017

Octavio Bonita b4 2 Octavio Bonita b4 3 Octavio Bonita b4 1


AFTER: ONE Month later: April 10, 2017


Octavio Bonita after 1 Octavio Bonita after 2


Octavio Martinez, TX
11 April 2017

  Meet Gracin...


Forco Christine b4 after

Christine Tidwell, CA
11 April 2017

Below are before and after pictures of the 5 horses I have on FORCO. All of the horses are just on pasture (grass/alfalfa) and FORCO.  I put the FORCO in a small scoop of rice bran and they LOVE it!


The paint horse is my son's and it has improved him so much. He is going to be 22 this next year and we are so happy with how FORCO has helped him. He's holding his weight great now!


The roan is a 3 year old, the palomino and bay are both 4 year olds and the black mare is 8.  FORCO has improved my black mares coat tremendously and her mane has also starting growing! I feel like it has improved all their coats and top line.


They all look alot more healthier than they did when it seemed like I was pouring so much feed to them.


Thanks so much for making such a great product! I have 4 more horses I am gonna start on it this next year as well.


Sara Jay1

Sara Jay3

Sara Jay4

 Sara Jay5

Sara Jay6

Sara Jay, TX
11 January 2017

Congratulations to Ty Erickson and 2015 PRCA Steer Wrestling Horse of the year, KR Montana Shakem!!


Looking forward to much more success for Ty & 'Shakem' in the upcoming 2016 season!!

 (photo credit: Jackie Jensen Photography)

Ty Erickson Shakem 2015 PRCA Bulldoggin Horse of Year


Ty Erickson, PRCA Steer Wrestler
15 January 2016

This is before / after pics of #381 Mamas Boy , he's a maternal 1/2 brother to 781 Asteroid.Coming 3 yr old we plan to haul to derbys this year.  Thank you FORCO for the great product!!!


Mama's Boy - before FORCO

MamasBoy b4 Forco Jan2016


Mama's Boy - after FORCO - 60 days

MamasBoy after Forco Jan2016


FORCO Bull Builder
08 January 2016

Jesse Tierney steer roping at last year's timed event championships! Thank you FORCO for your great product and support!


Jess Tierney

Jesse & Teresa Tierney
04 November 2015

When 'She's Got Game' aka: Zoe is well, she is always first or second in the highest level of eventing which is consistently offered in the Mountain States.  FORCO kept her alive and now keeps her going!  Thank you FORCO!!

CHPAug15 z7446fb CB

CHPAug15 p5877fb CB

CHPAug15 c3494fb CB

LCHT15 1962fb CB

Cynthia Boudreau, Colorado
30 October 2015

Same horses within a month apart. I feed FORCO to 9 horses. The only product we've ever used that's actually worked. The sorrel horse, is an own son of One Time Pepto, he has changed tremendously. The Grulla gained weighted and got his color back also seemed calmer.


We team pen, run barrels, and rope weekly. My father believes his head horse have calmed down.


Truly a wonderful product. Everyone should have FORCO in their feeding program.

Callie Foster 1


Grulla: Before and After -


Callie Foster 2

Callie Foster 3


Callie Jane Foster, Missouri
28 September 2015

FORCO is very important in my feeding program for our bulls Calypso and Hang Time. Thank you FORCO!!


Shel Weber Calypso

Picture of Calypso at Last Man Standing competition.

Shel Weber, Weber Bucking Bulls
26 June 2015

Another example of the amazing things FORCO does for my horses!! Pake bought this horse when I was in Florida. Since I got home one month ago and started feeding him FORCO he has really started to develop tone and shine. He's even shiny through the mud and starting to live up to his name!! What can FORCO transform your horses into?



 Pake horse b4 Forco



Pake horse after Forco 1

Pake horse after Forco 2

CJ Vondette, CO
12 May 2015

I wanted to write and let you know how completely impressed my husband and I are with Forco. We have heard about Forco for a few years, but since there is always new products coming and going in the horse market, we were skeptical. Finally after a lot of research and talking with several Forco dealers, we decided to try it. That was 6months ago and we haven't looked back! What a great product! We have three great experiences with Forco, and I will list them below.


We first tried it on a gelding we had who would get super stressed at shows. He would get terrible diarrhea and was visibly stressed out. Would go off his feed and not want to drink much. After two months on Forco he can go to a three day show and feel just as good on day 3 as he did on day one! No more diarrhea! He looks better than ever and his attitude is so much better! He has also put on a little more weight and looks and acts amazing!


We then tried it on a client horse who came in. The mare was very cinchy and would pin her ears and bite at you. She hated being brushed around her heart-girth, pined her ears when asked to lope, and was reluctant to go up hills. The mare had been stall kept for her entire life, and we suspected ulcers. Since treatment was so expensive the owner decided to see if Forco would do anything for her. Well, to our surprise it did. We didn't change anything about her diet, or exercise other than adding Forco. In about three weeks she was putting weight on and much more relaxed. She no longer pinned her ears and tried to bite you while saddling, she would lope off with no issues, and was overall a much happier horse. While I don't know if it cured the ulcers, it has definitely helped manage them!


Lastly, we have a 3 year old mini aussie who has had tummy trouble since we got her as a puppy. She could only eat one type of dog food or she would puke and get the poops. If she would go outside and eat something, pretty soon she would be throwing up everywhere. The dog food we had her on was making her bloated, but if we switched, even to canned food, she would throw up within an hour of eating. We talked to vets and all they could tell us was to change to the dog food she was on. One day I was filling horse feed pans and she started licking at the Forco. I then did some research and found out you can feed it to dogs. We decided to give it a shot and see what happened. She is now on month four of Forco, eats normal dog food, isn't bloated anymore and hasn't puked ONCE! She is more energetic and so much happier! (as are we with no puke piles to clean up) We now have all our horses and dogs on Forco, and will forever feed it.


Thank you for a great product that has amazing results!!

Courtney, MO
14 April 2015

This is my filly AQHA SkipaStarz Stilletos (name pending) who has been on FORCO for a month.  She was a bit cinchy and also eating her own poop! I thought perhaps her flora was imbalanced. Her feed has not changed and she is stalled and has no pasture, only a regular pelleted feed and alfalfa hay every day.


Look at her now!! I'm a believer in FORCO!  I am so impressed with FORCO! I will continue to use this product and will recommend to all my friends in Mid-Missouri.



 KimFrier March


AFTER FORCO: (30 days later)

KimFrier April

Kim Frier, MO
13 April 2015

I have a 5 Rocky Mountain gaited horses.  I live around 30 minutes from Bodega Bay in Sebastopol, CA.


The soil is quite sandy in consistency, so my husband and I are diligent in their psyllium monthly treatment - 1 full cup for 15 days each month.  However, in spite of this, my buckskin named Buck,  has had a level of sand in his gut for quite a while.  His stools will become so liquid that I have to wash this rear to prevent acid burn.  He gets lunged daily to help his digestion.  This has gone on for over 12 months and I became concerned this he might have stomach ulcers from the irritation, which would then affect his ability to pass the sand.  Further, although I fed him more (because he is a large horse), I was not able to get sufficient weight on him - he always looked rangy.  None of my other 4 horses have this problem.


In doing research on the topic to find out if there is anything further I could do, I ran across a post where the commenter stated that combining a quality pre-biotic with psyllium could have a positive effect.  I had used FORCO in the past when I fed beet pulp so I had a little left.  I fed my horse double for the first week and then 1 scoop per day after - even when I did not give him psyllium.  Within 6 weeks or so, his stools tightened up and became totally normal.  No squirting and no mess on his rear end. My farrier even told us yesterday he thought he needed to lose a little weight! This is the best Buck has looked in over a year and I am relly happy that his stomach is operating as it should.  I am confident he is happier as well.  Adding FORCO to his diet is the only new thing I did for Buck.  I am convinced that it is the reason he is doing so well today!  Thank you FORCO!

08 April 2015

We have a 34 year old champion barrel racing and team roping horse that I am convinced is ONLY still alive today because we have him on FORCO. We almost lost him a couple years ago until we got him on FORCO and now acts like hes 10. Thank you very much!!

Satisfied Customer
01 April 2015

I just wanted to write you and let you know how pleased I am that I started using Forco! What a great, quality product! Love the all natural ingredients and how well all our horses look on it. Below is the before and after photo of one of our broodmares. She is 8months pregnant, and hasn't been an easy keeper even before she was a broodmare. She is a TB and raced for several years on the track. She has never kept weight well since we got her, so we decided to give Forco a try. Wow, the difference is amazing! She doesn't have that 'starving' all the time attitude, she is gaining weight, even in the dead of winter, and her coat is getting softer and thicker. Over all she has a better attitude and has stopped trying to eat everything in sight. Now we have all of our horses on Forco, and even the ones we thought were 'balanced' have begun to really bloom! Thank you for a great product that we will forever continue to feed!


Courtney Bassuener
15 March 2015

Sharing a photo of our colt who was orphaned at 4 days old. He has been on FORCO since he was a week old. Whysper is now 1 month old and is thriving! I appreciate your help and advice.  Thank you FORCO!


Jeanie Weir orphaned colt forco

Jeanie Wier
09 September 2014

Not only does my horse love forco but the barn kitten found out about it and shares every morning!

Kristina Brem cat forco

Kristina Brem
07 September 2014