What Our Customers Say About Our FORCO Products

These are some of our happy and supportive customers who were kind enough to leave their success testimonials. If you'd like to add a testimonial, please use the link above.

After our dogs and chickens have been on Forco for the past 4-6 weeks, they have shown huge improvements in their coats and feathers!
One of our dogs who had a skin infection and whose coat was very dull, now has gained needed weight and has a glossy full coat.
Our rooster is also finally growing new feathers where he had bad molting spots.
Forco is definitely going to be part of their diet now for good!!!
Nicole Sherman
04 September 2014

Black Clusion Bar, better known as Harley. 10 yr old APHA mare that I purchased Feb 22, 2014.

I had read about FORCO on Facebook and had seen the results that other people were having using FORCO. I didn't order right away when I first saw the information about the product, but told some friends about it for their horses and they started using FORCO. When I purchased Harley I wanted to put her on it, so I ordered my first 5# pail of FORCO. I am a person who wants to try a product and see results myself. I can say I am a skeptic when it comes to a lot of things.

So I got the FORCO in and started using it per the directions. Harley doesn't like change at all when it comes to her feed and didn't eat the FORCO well at first. She would pick around it and leave it in her bucket. I was worried she wouldn't take to eating it so I also started feeding it to my 5 yr old gelding. I wanted to put him on it because he has been "cinchy" and I thought maybe he could have some issues with ulcers.

My gelding took to it right away and would literally follow you around the stall until you put his FORCO in his food. He wouldn't want to eat until it was in there. Harley began eating the FORCO and now she LOVES it. She will stand and paw sometimes until you put it in her food. You can see the changes in her over 2 months time. I have also seen changes in Ripit, my gelding, when it comes time to saddle. 

Harley is on SafeChoice Original, 1 scoop morning & night and Bermuda hay.  Ripit, the 5 yr old is fed Tucker Tasty 10 and Bermuda hay.  I do not feed any other supplements.  I use the pellet form of FORCO.

I now have all 3 of my horses on FORCO and have been very happy with the results I have seen! I also plan on putting our weanling on FORCO when we get her home in August.

And yes, I am now a believer!!!

Melanie Lyell, Jackson TN
29 April 2014

I am not a believer in a lot of products but Forco has made me a believer in this product.

I started feeding Forco to one horse and now all my horses get it from a 3 year old to competition horses to our brood mare; every horse loves it and they clean up their meal every time, even the picky eaters. I started feeding it to a young horse that always had loose stools and an upset stomach often, after feeding Forco she finally has perfectly formed stools all the time even during hauling- after trying numerous products this is AMAZING, she also feels better than ever!!

Another horse use to take hours to eat her meal, if she would eat it, after a short period of time she eats all of her food in a short amount of time and feels happier, healthier, and is running harder than before. Another horse I bought and she was under weight with no top line; now she has put on weight, maintained the weight, and has a nice top line.

I can keep going on about how this product has changed our horses and how our feeding program will never go without it- worth every penny! Thank you Forco!

Bo Geidel
25 April 2014

Dear Forco,

Here is my one month photo of my girl Vanilla!  The top photo is Vanilla after she was diagnosed with IR (insulin resistance). As you can tell she does not feel well!  Bottom picture is her after one month of being on FORCO.  Looking much much better and her soreness has dissipated!

Morgan Nay testimony

Morgan Nay Madison, Indiana
02 April 2014

I loveknowing my horse isn't going to colic... And he looks and feels awesome too!

Sam Wilson, CO
02 February 2014

My boys lookin good in winter! Sadly, a rarity. Satisfied/thankful/impressed with FORCO!

Winter is hard keeping weight on them.  They each singly used to get fed double what the mares got together. But this year, we found an answer:)... FORCO!

I HIGHLY recommend to everyone! Very affordable with obvious results.

Teri Jesser, CO
01 February 2014
FORCO has assisted my performance equine's overall health, appearance and performance. My horse, Perfect Dash aka: Gucci, looks and feels amazing! His coat has a rich high gloss/glow, feeling soft and healthy. FORCO keeps Gucci on his A-game. He is mentally stable, focused, has nice cool energy, ready to go at any moment. He recovers quick after a barrel run. I've also noticed that he is always eating and drinking well on the road and at home. He maintains a healthy weight and eats less than what he did prior to feeding FORCO (he is on free feed). He has also consumed less of his mineral block at home when on FORCO. I've noticed how regular his digestive system is. His fecal matter is moist, very green and healthy.

I know Gucci is getting the most maximum balanced nutrition he can get. Its an amazing and most affordable product you can purchase for your friend and athlete. I highly recommend it for any program!
Calliandra Van O
20 January 2014

Adding Formula 1 and Forco to my feeding plan was the best choice I have ever made! I now have a horse that I look forward to every ride with. So much try and focus.

Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

Destiny Smith

Destiny Smith
19 January 2014
Colorado Springs Therapeutic Riding Center provides hippotherapy as well as therapeutic riding for people of all ages with a wide variety of disability. We currently have over 120 riders which makes our need for horses very high. We have many old reliable horses that struggle keeping weight on due to age and lack of teeth. Coming out of last winter they had dropped some weight and we had tried beat pulp, more alfalfa, and increasing their amount of grain but we weren't seeing the results we hoped for.

I heard about Forco through a friend, she suggested it for my barrel horse. I gave it to her and immediately noticed a difference in her weight. We then started giving it to a number of our therapy horses and now they are going into the winter fat and happy!

Ace, age 37, has no teeth left and is on a solid diet of beat pulp, grain, and alfalfa. He was struggling the most but after adding Forco into the mix he has gained weight and is much healthier.
Jamie Harrison, Colorado
15 January 2014

My sweet 13 yo mare Dottie had started going down hill for no apparent reason.  I would have a buffet of grass hay, alfalfa, and grain in front of her at all times and she would eat, a lot, but yet she continued to go down hill.  I took her to several different veternarians.  They ran blood tests on her and checked her over for other problems, but none of them could come up with a reason that she should be looking like she did.  One vet even told me to take her home to die, because that was where the road she was on was leading to.  I was heart broken.

A good friend then mentioned that I should try a product called Forco.  I had not heard of it before, but if she was recommending it, I knew there must be something to it.  I started Dottie on Forco in January and you can see from the series of pictures below the difference it started to make for her!  As bad as she was it took awhile, but my Forco dealer told me to stick with it.  So stick with it I did, and a full 7 months later I have my Dottie back!  I know now that Dottie will never be without her Forco!  Thank you Forco!

 Dottie Jan Mar 2013

Dottie May June 2013

Dottie July 2013

Kaycee Starkey, Colorado
08 December 2013

Spring of 2013 I purchased a young horse and brought him to a show barn near Sacramento, CA. I hadn’t been into horses for over 20 years and wasn’t familiar with all the new products and supplements.

I was just figuring things out as I went along when BAM- my horse was hit hard with what was diagnosed (via fecal) as equine coronavirus. Apparently, equine coronavirus is a very nasty and frequently under diagnosed in this region. Symptoms range from mild anorexia to raging diarrhea or worse. It was determined he hadn’t brought the virus, but likely was exposed to horses returning from shows a few days prior. None of those horses were affected though.

The only common factor I could determine was Forco – horses that were on Forco seemed to not be as affected by the virus, suffering mild symptoms if any at all. During the quarantine period all the horses got their Forco upped and I immediately started my horse on Forco too. I noticed within ten days his coat changed and he looked wonderful, an added bonus.

I’m a believer in Forco and tell everybody to skip the other junk and if they are going to spend money on any supplement to spend it on Forco!

Rachel MacDonald
06 December 2013

This sweet mare and precious baby made a complete recovery in 60 days by being fed a good, balanced ration and given Forco Digestive Fortifier. Forco helped the malnourished mare and baby to better utilize the nutrients from their new and much improved diet.

Forco helps to bring a horse’s digestive system to full performance. Without an efficient and operational digestive system, it compromises the ability of a horse to extract, absorb, and assimilate the proper nutrients from his daily ration, regardless of how complete and balanced the daily ration might be.

Mercedes b4 after small web

    And her sweet, sweet baby...    

M Baby b4 after small web

Forco User
06 December 2013

I began feeding Forco at 2 oz/day to my 14 year old Mustang gelding in June 2103 at the recommendation of a horse-savvy friend.  My horse's rear belly had always seemed as taut as an inflated balloon although everything was fine with him.  But he would also raise his hind leg whenever I cleaned his sheath or even brushed him up between the hind legs.   Within in 2 weeks of starting Forco, Rusty's belly had relaxed to a much more normal condition and he no longer raises his hind legs when touched in the rear belly area.  My vet says he likes Forco as a product and I certainly do to! Thank you Forco!

Ramey Zamora - Paso Robles, CA
23 November 2013

My mare looks incredible since being on Forco for about 2 months.  She has always been built nice, but since Forco she has filled out even more and not just weight, but actual muscle.  My husband is a horse shoer and has commented on how much better her feet seem to be.  He also mentioned that he noticed an overall different 'look' (in a good way) to her and that her energy level is higher.  Forco is amazing!

Jamie, Wyoming
10 October 2013

FORCO Helps Hundreds of Rescued Horses…

We at Colorado Horse Rescue believe that all horses deserve homes where they are well cared for, treated kindly, and protected from harm. However, each year thousands of horses in Colorado are displaced or labeled unwanted with nowhere to go. As an accredited rescue facility, we offer horse owners and animal control authorities intake, rehabilitation, and adoption services for many of these homeless and disadvantaged equines. We also maintain an equine assistance program that helps horses stay with their owners during times of personal crisis and we promote responsible horsemanship through educational outreach within the equine community.

Since 2004, FORCO products have played a large role in our daily feeding program. Thanks in part to FORCO, horses like Chili and Cheyenne were able to completely recover from near starvation.   Justice remains healthy at nearly 40 years old, and hundreds of other CHR horses have benefited from the nutritional and digestive support provided in FORCO products. We are sincerely grateful to Dave and Lynette for sponsoring our herd of 50 rescued horses. Their continued generosity is awe inspiring.

Chili - BEFORE Forco...                                  Chili - AFTER Forco...

CHR Chili 111609 06 CHR Chili 5 2012

Cheyenne - BEFORE Forco...       Cheyenne - AFTER Forco...

CHR Cheyenne 1207 2 CHR Cheyenne

Justice - Happy & Healthy at nearly 40 years old

CHR Justice head shot 6 2013

On behalf of Colorado Horse Rescue, I am deeply grateful for all that you have done to help improve the lives of our horses and equine companions everywhere.

With sincere appreciation,

Jenny Logan

Equine Facilities Manager

Jenny Logan, Colorado Horse Rescue
12 July 2013

Great product!!! My older mare with foal is doing wonderful since starting on Forco!

Lysa Kellems from North Dakota
06 July 2013

I have a 12 yo Quarter Horse stallion that has been having bouts of colic and has a poor appetite.  My sister, who has eventing horses, recommended I give Forco a try.  Since being on Forco approximately 30 days now, my stallion has a much improved appetite and has not had any more bouts of colic!  We LOVE Forco!


Penny from South Dakota
21 December 2012

My 16 yo Thoroughbred gelding has been showing signs of ulcers, wet manure occasionally, and chronic watery discharge in manure.  After being on Forco for 6 weeks now, his manure is more firm and very rarely has a watery discharge now.  His coat looks nice.  He has not had any ulcer issues since being on Forco.


Pattie from Colorado
17 December 2012

“My farrier was here today and wanted to know what I was feeding that was different. He said their feet were tougher and had more frog growth. I really like Forco. Also, I had given the farrier some Forco the time before when he was out to give to a horse he was having trouble getting weight on and he has seen a real difference.”


Juanita from Mississippi
29 November 2012

“I started feeding Forco in August to my 5 yo running Quarter Horse, Patriots Glory.  Glory, who is AAA with a Speed Index of 111 and earnings of $186,000, recently ran in 3 top races over a span of just 30 days.
Glory placed in each of them, winning the Bank of America Racing Challenge Championship, which was his biggest purse win to date.  I truly believe Glory’s stamina/endurance has improved while on Forco and also his recovery time between races has seemed to improve.

I am very satisfied with the results I have seen since feeding Forco.  I highly recommend Forco as a cost effective way to help keep your horse healthy and give them every advantage to be at the top of their game.”

D&G Ranch

D&G Ranch of Colorado
22 November 2012