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All about FORCO products for horses and small animals.

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FAQs - FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier

All about FORCO products for horses and small animals.

Feeding Directions
Up to 500 lbs   – 1 oz per day
500 – 1200 lbs – 2 oz per day
1200 lbs and up – 3 oz per day

For severely stressed horses, start at 4 ounces per day for one week then level off to 2 ounces per day.  For horses that perform, double the amount 24 hrs before travel, during travel and the day after travel.

Some horses may need to stay at an increased amount to keep their digestive system working at it’s optimum level.  Each horse is different and as you recognize the difference in your horse from feeding FORCO®, you will be able to determine the maintenance amount that is best for that horse.

 How long will Forco last?

Recommended dose:

4oz/day -10 days, 2oz/day thereafter*


feeding 4 oz/day*

  5#  30 days 20 days
10#  70 days  40 days
25# 190 days 100 days
50# 390 days 200 days

 * estimated days based on feeding one horse 

FORCO® does not make any claims of curing ulcers or 100% prevention of colic.

FORCO®  aids in maintaining a balanced micro flora in the digestive tract.  By maintaining proper bacterial populations and balances we can increase the horse's ability to utilize and digest nutrients, better cope with the negative effects of stress, and lessen digestive upsets.

FORCO® does not take the place of a Psyllium product.

FORCO® recommends that a Psyllium product be fed if sand colic is a concern.  Always check with your veterinarian to determine the best protocol for your particular situation.

FORCO Feed Supplement comes in both granular form and pellets satisfying even the pickiest of eaters! 

Same great product, two options!  The consistency of the granular FORCO resembles ground flax meal.


For small animals (dogs/cats/etc.) suggested daily amount is:
Up to 20 lb.         ½ teaspoon
20-40 lb.               1 teaspoon        
40-80 lb.               1-2 teaspoons
80-100 lb.             2-4 teaspoons
For fowl such as chicken:
1 oz. per day per ten birds. Mature chickens weigh five to seven pounds so you can extrapolate how much to feed other fowl such as turkeys or geese based on weight, i.e. 1 oz. per fifty to seventy pounds of bird weight.